Bosca, the historic sparkling wine house from Canelli known for its pioneering soul, enters the hard tea sector with a new glam proposal. Launch platform, the Beer & Food Attraction: the event dedicated to Out of Home.

Canelli, 8 February 2024 –  Bosca begins 2024 in the name of originality and innovation with the launch of a new “It’s B” brand reference dedicated to the no and low alcohol world: “Glamtì”, the first and only sparkling Italian tea. The “Beer & Food Attraction” event, dedicated to the excellence and innovations of the Out of Home sector, will be the launch platform to present the project to professionals.

“For almost 200 years our family has dedicated itself to continuous product research, to the study of the market and new trends. Bubbles and tea have ancient origins and have long accompanied our daily lives in a transversal way. Starting from this reflection, we decided to study a new product capable of innovating the market. Not just a bubble, not just a tea. It’s Glamtì, the proudly Italian sparkling tea.” comments Pia Bosca, CEO.

“In the 70s, we were the first to produce a sparkling wine that was outside the box, easy to drink and able to involve people who couldn’t drink wine. Subsequently, we were the first to launch cereal and wine-based bubbles and then evolve them with natural fruit-scented flavours. Today, with emotion, we present the first Italian sparkling tea.” declares Polina Bosca, CMO.

The core target groups Generation Z and the younger segment of Millennials, pre-family or young family. Glamtì speaks to an audience that loves to socialize, experiment with new products and situations, glamorous and easy chic depending on the context and the occasion, and who chooses to stand out from the crowd to express their originality in a conscious way.

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